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本文摘要:On most days, a thick blanket of poisonous smog hovers over Beijing. But one day, Chinas capital could be dotted with domes filled with clean air.据英国广播公司(BBC)网站报导,大多数时间,北京都弥漫在厚厚的剧毒雾霾之下。

On most days, a thick blanket of poisonous smog hovers over Beijing. But one day, Chinas capital could be dotted with domes filled with clean air.据英国广播公司(BBC)网站报导,大多数时间,北京都弥漫在厚厚的剧毒雾霾之下。不过,或许从某天起,北京将四处点缀着充满著洗手空气的穹顶。Orproject, a London-based architecture and design firm, has devised the Bubbles project, a design that envisions massive, balloon-like structures filled with clean air.一家伦敦的建筑和设计公司Orproject研发出有了这个泡泡状的设计。

这个设计体量相当大,具有气球一样的外形,里面充满著洗手的空气。The vegetation inside the park would produce clean air for those living inside the buildings on the perimeter of the bubbles, while also providing a smog-free space for residents to spend time in the faux outdoors.气泡里的植物为居住于的人获取了充足的洗手空气。在里面居住于的人都住在气泡的边缘,而气泡设计还为居民展开“户外”活动获取了空间。Rajat Sodhi, director of Orproject India, spent a year and a half developing the idea with the firms Beijing team.Orproject印度公司主管Rajat Sodhi与公司在北京的团队花上了一年半时间研发出有了这个设计。

The seed of this project was the realisation that in developing countries, especially major cities in India and China, the air quality has crossed unacceptable limits. Mr Sodhi explains.Sodhi先生说道:“这个设计的启发源于发展中国家的现实情况,特别是在是中国与印度的大城市的空气质量都无法忍受了。”You really cant step out and be outdoors. You just move from one air-conditioned space to another.“你根本无法外出或待在户外,你不能从一个有空调的地方到另外一个有空调的地方。

”The group decided to design the large domes using patterns found in nature.研究小组要求糅合自然界不存在的一些模型,从而设计出有更大的穹顶。If you look at the structure of a butterfly wing or that of a leaf, it has a dense pattern that allows the structure to be fairly stable and fairly large but using very little material, Mr Sodhi says.Sodhi提及:“如果你仔细观察一下蝴蝶翅膀的结构或者叶子的结构,你就能找到它们紧致的结构不仅使得结构十分平稳,而且用于的材料很少。

”Mixed reactions有所不同的公众体现The skin of the rooftop bubbles would be created from ETFE, an extremely durable, lightweight material that will not decompose over time. Each bubble would be filled with gas, allowing it to float.泡泡设计的屋顶由四氟乙烯制成,质量重、强度大而且容易随着时间萎缩而有所损毁。每个泡泡里将不会充满著气体,使得泡泡可以飘浮一起。The entire structure would be shaped and anchored with steel supports.整个泡泡的结构将通过钢铁来承托。The project has received mixed reactions since it was first released in January.在2014年1月这个设计刚公布时,人们褒贬不一。

But critics argue that the concept smacks of defeatism. Why bother to rid the air of pollution in cities like Beijing if bubbles of clean air are available?但是有些批评者说道这个设计充满著了失败主义的论调。如果泡泡里的洗手空气是求得的,那么为什么还要困难地去解决问题像北京这样的大城市的空气污染问题呢?Others say the plan is simply unrealistic and, at best, would lead to two classes of citizens in polluted areas. Presumably only a wealthy few would gain access to the bubble, leaving the unlucky majority trapped in smog.其他人则明确提出,这个设计从不简单,最差的结果或许就是在空气污染的区域区分出有两种有所不同阶层的人。有可能只有少数的有钱人才能入泡泡里面,而大部分意外的人不能受困在雾霾里。

Rajat Sodhi believes the reaction comes from those who want to solve environmental problems, though he says that isnt his goal. Hes an architect who creates living spaces, he contends. The Bubbles project could work in a variety of locations where people are barred from enjoying green, open spaces for much of the year.Rajat Sodhi指出这些对系统来自那些想要解决问题空气污染问题的人,但他说道这不是他的目标。他争论说道:“他只是一个建筑师,建构出有合适居住于的环境。

在许多地方,泡泡设计都简单。当人们在一年中都无法认识到绿色植物或其他空间时,泡泡设计就可以派上用场。You had a whole part of the US affected by the Polar Vortex this year, which made stepping outside impossible, he says. There were basically no green areas in cities, so the air quality drops because there is no natural regeneration of the air.他说道:“今年整个美国都受到极地气旋的影响,几乎不有可能到户外。

在城市中完全没绿色植物,因此没大自然的空气新陈代谢的时候,城市的空气质量就上升了。”This project could exist in extremely hot or cold climates, the designers contend.设计者说道声称,这个泡泡设计,不论气温强弱都能适应环境。I think this kind of project was meant for any space, because what it fundamentally does is create a controlled environment in the form of a biodiversity park which can sustain clean air throughout the year, Mr Sodhi says.Sodhi 先生说道:“我指出这个设计在任何地方都有意义。

因为这个设计在显然上是设计了一个享有生物多样性公园的高效率环境。在整年中,这个环境里都能维持空气的洗手。”Chinese government officials have yet to respond to the firms proposal.中国政府官员回应设计尚不对此。



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